Impulse Thrusters Engaged


Nothing too exciting to report - the crazy flood of comics continues unabated until July 26, after which point updates will ease into a robust every monday schedule. Got that? You'll know that its time for a new comic if the calendar says monday. Simplicity itself.

Lets see - webcomic news: Benign Kingdom Fall 2012 is being Kickstarted. Like right now. Go on. Contribute. You know you want to. As for myself, can't wait to get my grubby mitts on those books!

I'm working on a character bio page for the site, so look for that soon. I've also added some social media buttons below the comics. Do you like to Facebook? Or how about Twit? I love to Twit. Do you like to Twit!? Well?! If you use any kind of social media and would like to help out this comic (and me, as it so happens), please share the comic using the conveniently located skull buttons on the comic pages.

Remember to check the "Next Comic" line below the comic to the left for a rock solid estimate on when the next comic will appear in all its comic-y goodness. I'm not gonna lie. Its not an estimate. PHP makes sure I post on time every time. Also available is a handy dandy RSS Feed. Use it. Please!

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