Dual Wield

When in doubt, follow the guy who seems to be enjoying himself.

Moral Dilemma

Think of it less as looting, and more of salvaging whats left of the city.


Autumn knows how to use a gun. Also how to stay in fashion in a survival scenario.

Not Quite Safe...

Door barricade: another use for the already incredibly adaptable pop machine.


The one you want to watch out for is the one with the fully intact brain. How did it get the brain? Wiles. Zombie wiles.

Always Good Advice

I suppose the exception is a Necromorph, but that's hardly even a zombie, is it?

It Just Might

First priority: weapons. Second priority: slap Florence upside the head.


It doesn't spread through contact with blood. That or Autumn is immune. One of the two. SCIENCE!

A Plan

Florence really isn't as stupid as he comes off here. Classic example of having the wrong skill-set for the situation.


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