Hi guys! Thanks for sticking with me through the story arc! This is the end of a "chapter" in the story, and the point I'll be leaving the comic for awhile as I start a new comic series with a friend. The Undead will be on hiatus for the time being, but don't worry, it will continue. I've been working on the comic off and on for eight years now, and while my record with keeping up with updates has never been great, I've never stopped wanting to work on it.

I'm starting another comic with my friend Brian for that exact reason, actually - I've never been great with deadlines, and I'd like to get better with them. I'll be focusing on my art for a while, and getting better with consistency in working on a comic. It's my hope that I can return to this project a better and more consistent artist.

Stay tuned to this spot if you're interested in the new comic - I'll be posting details here as soon as we're rolling!

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