Adorable mechanical rats. Don't forget the adorable part.

Characters and Comics


Lots of new stuff this week! We have a new about page for the site, including character bios, the first of which I've posted today on the brave and impetuous Josh. I'll be rolling out the rest of the bios as the comic progresses, and will keep you updated when they're up.

I also did a guest comic this week for Life Under Constuction which can be found here. It's a great comic, written by some great guys - go check 'em out!

Speaking of segue, this thursday is it! After that, the comic will be updating weekly on mondays. Don't say I didn't warn you! Remember that if you like the comic, or a comic, or just the idea of comics in general, don't forget to share the comic using the skull buttons on the comic pages. It helps me out a lot! Also remember to check the "Next Comic" line below the comic to keep up on when the comic will be updated next. Also available is the feed.

True Lies

Other things that are awesome: Bazookas. Spies. Motorcycles. Horseback riding through a hotel.

Like Butter

She was up late thinking about tax season. Real killer, those taxes.

Endings and Beginnings

A pair of headphones comes in handy when you're trying to drown out the sound of zombie moaning or roomate snoring. Either one.


Zombie Science. The deadliest science. Except for Bear Science.


That mechanical rat is wondering where the bright light is coming from.


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