The Schedule


So! Whats up? Updates are up. The site will continue to update daily until I get caught up to where I'd like the continuity to be (Comic #59 on July 26). About that time, I'll be changing the schedule to go to the regular once a week update for comics (I'm thinking Mondays). This will allow me to keep ahead on art and story, and ensure I can keep the site updated regularly for a good long time.

By A Thread

Nothing like dangling on a wire over hungry zombies. A pigeon poop covered wire.


Don't argue in high stress situations. It doesn't solve anything. Also, your party members will wander off.

Street Fight

Prom Zombie, Ponytail Zombie, and Redneck zombie. The deadly trio.

On Ladders

Josh just wants to find a simple, everyday impenetrable fortress.


You can only mock someone so long before they snap and punch a zombie's head off.

Denver Comic Con Wrapup


Denver Comic Con 2012 is over - what a ride! I had the chance to meet some great people, see some AMAZING art, and buy some sweet swag. I also got some great advice from some knowledgable fellow webcomicers. Special thanks to some specific artists and writers:

On Cars

Exceptions: The vehicle has a rear mounted gatling gun. The vehicle is from Jurassic Park. The vehicle is sentient.


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