The one you want to watch out for is the one with the fully intact brain. How did it get the brain? Wiles. Zombie wiles.

Always Good Advice

I suppose the exception is a Necromorph, but that's hardly even a zombie, is it?

It Just Might

First priority: weapons. Second priority: slap Florence upside the head.


It doesn't spread through contact with blood. That or Autumn is immune. One of the two. SCIENCE!

A Plan

Florence really isn't as stupid as he comes off here. Classic example of having the wrong skill-set for the situation.


Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead II, Shaun of the Dead. No one ever uses a pocketknife as a zombie weapon. Its just not practical.

Second Amendment

Does Josh need a gun? No. No he does not. Does Josh want a gun. Yes he does.


Meditating isn't working. She's still grumpy.


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