Jump Kick

This is without a doubt my favorite drawing of Trice. Originally she was going to be attacking Josh, but I figured it looked pretty good as is. Plus, maybe shes attacking a zombie. Or a walrus. Or a zombie walrus.

Stickers II

Another piece of sticker art. This is Sari and Gus, who have not appeared in the comic. Yet.


Even in bizzaro flat desk dimension, these guys are being pursued by zombies.

Hang in there

This was the original promo art for the comic. Autumn's lot hasn't improved much since then.


Or "How to disassemble a zombie".

Stand by me

Josh, Autumn, Florence, Lani. Graveyard guys - c'mon. You know better than that. Get out of there. Seriously.


Tina, looking less murderous than usual.


It's not the body you have to watch out for, Lani. Its that arm.

Small Friends

Its Josh and Autumn, all cute like. Almost makes you forget they're trying to escape BEING MURDERED.

Hip Shot

Its hard on her wrist, but harder on the zombie's skull. Again, I have no idea where Autumn's shoes went.


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