Back Stories

Florence and Lani are hitting it off great. Probably because he hasn't led them into any deathtraps. Yet.

Trouble Brewin

Florence just took care of that Frank guy. Or Fred. Whatever his name was. Punch to the ol' noggin.

Painfully Obvious

That Zombie's name was Frank. Frank used to work in the local office supply store, stocking shelves. He made minimum wages, but was happy. Then zombies chewed on him, and he died.

We ALL Scream

On the plus side, you have plenty of ice-cream. Y'know. Until you get eaten.

Hang in there, baby

Zombies below you trying to eat you: bad. Bird poop on wires you're trying to escape on: worse.


Lots and lots of things will come between you and donutdom, Florence. That's just life.


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