Your machete hits zombie.
Your machete cuts zombie for 10hp.
Zombie swings at you. Miss!
Your polearm hits zombie.
Your polearm decapitates zombie for 9999hp.
Zombie dies. Again.
You have slain zombie. You gain 5xp.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have reached level 5!
Your max stamina has increased!
Your max agility has increased!
You loot zombie.
You obtain 5 copper.
You obtain [Ragged shirt].
You obtain [Zombie Sweat].

Food. Eating. The Theatre.

It's like a lullaby. Except the baby is a zombie, and the singing is a pole-arm.

Also there is more gore than in a lullaby.

Think Creative

They do their best thinking in crisis situations. Also their best hairpin-to-the-eyes moves.

On a side note, zombie blood is green. Just thought I'd point that out since you can't see it in the comic. Green zombie blood.

Run Away

Florence is on a roll with terrrible quotes. Also, guys. You forgot your groceries. Like, the thing you ventured out for? Geez. Amateur hour here.


Apparently someone thinks the blasting in the basement is getting out of hand.

On a side note, I have that shirt shes knitting. I had to fight a Swiss man named DJ Nightshade to the death for it, but it was worth it. Sorry man.

Or wait. Maybe we both got one.


Storms a brewin'. Literally. Also figuratively. Also, Florence has ice cream as promised. A perfect ice-cream zombie storm.


Florence has this thing about pointing out the extremely obvious.


Stalking in style. Evil Rat style. Lani's gonna be mad when she realizes she outfitted her own saboteur.


This may explain Autumn's attitude towards Florence. I'd be mad too if someone's shortcut involved being killed.


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