No Time for Hysterics

Actually, I think when being pursued by burning wolves or burning predators of any kind, it is in fact the perfect time for hysterics.


What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Oh. The rat could short-circuit.


Digging is for chumps and people without huge stockpiles of dynamite.

The Cavalry

Few things are more deadly than rampaging robotic rodents.


Taking a quick rest. Zombie decapitation can be stressful and/or tiring. I mean, not for Josh, but, y'know. Everyone else.


When all the zombies you run across are already dead, you don't ask too many questions.



Another character bio is revealed. Autumn is our subject this time, and she doesn't look too happy about it.

Welcome to all you Facebookers! In case you missed it, we launched our brand new facebook page this week. It was a lot of fun to promote the site somewhere new, and set some modest like goals (which we met, thanks to you guys!!) We're shooting to attend Dever Comic Con next year and are trying to drum up some support and fans. Like *you* :D Want to help us out? We really are trying to get the word out about the comic, so if you haven't yet, give us a like! Already did that? Share with your friends using the skull buttons on the comic pages.

Lets see. What else. If you're terrified of spiders, there's a public service announcement for you. Not terribly comic related, but important, nonetheless.

Anticlimactic Pt. 2

Looking cool and seeing what you're doing are mutually exclusive. At least for Florence.


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