Not Funny

The viscosity of zombie blood has always intrigued me, as displayed in this comic. It is apparently quite thick, though doesn't always cling to clothing. At other times, it turns your clothing green, making it time to get a new wardrobe. That is, unless your clothing was already green.

Sidenote: always check trashcans for toxic refuse and/or the undead. They tend to pop up when you least expect it, necessitating drastic measures.

Slight Distractions

Bear in mind - Josh traveled 16 city blocks in about 30 seconds. The distraction thing only added about 4.3 seconds to the trip. We all have our weaknesses.

To The Rescue

"He's wall jumping down from the 15th story. Can he do that?"


Plan B

Tony is smart enough to know when he's being threatened.

And hes being threatened.

May Contain Violence

The hut is the entrance to the underground lair, if you didn't catch that. Also, Trice ripped the zombie's head off, it didn't explode. She's a ninja too, remember.

Other things you may not have noticed: This is not Josh and Autumn. They are in a different place. Zombies eat brains.

On Laundry

Ninjas don't use detergent. They kill the dirt.

Kill it dead.


Loved ones: they catch you off guard. It's their way.

What is this "wingblade" Trice is so excited about? Stay tuned!

Welcome, Ninjas


If you can't beat 'em with your fists, beat 'em with your brains. Another character bio is now available for your perusal. Remember kids: mechanical rats aren't toys: they're scientific equipment. SCIENCE!!

It's been a while since I posted in the news section - high time for an update! How about some more comics to follow. Would you like that? Paranatural and Manly Guys Doing Manly Things are some comics I've recently discovered and really love - go check them out!

Closer to home, the holiday season has afforded some extra time to work on artwork - keep your eyes peeled for some of that in the next few weeks.

Double Negative

Maybe it's the skulls, Trice. Maybe she's afraid of the skulls.

Or Tony's sharp wit, maybe?

No, definitely the human skulls.

On Skulls

Wait, did I say nowhere? Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE.

And on a side note, running a Ninja HQ is not all fun and games. There are decisions to make. Serious decorating decisions.


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