On Skills

Being good at zombie survival means being good at everything. Especially swords and ninja'ing and stuff.

Ink and Ads


Hi all! Been too long since I posted here! We're getting closer to the end of the current arc, and new things are cooking behind the scenes - formost among them is preparations for Denver Comic Con! We missed out on getting a booth this year, but we'll be lurking around the convention, so hope to see you there!

I've switched out our home-brewed ad system for Ink, which should allow me to share the comic a bit more and get the word out. If you're visiting from Ink - welcome! As always if you like the comic, spread the word, leave a like and keep coming back! We're a pretty small operation, so we appreciate the support!


I don't think they're all evil. Geez.

Lani isn't the bravest one of the bunch.


Autumn: I also have a confession. I'm a college student.
Florence: I have a confession too. I need to get to a hospital.

Very Much No

Undead bodies. Always popping out of every doorway, clogging up the stairwell. C'mon guys. Get it together or someone's gonna violence'd you.

Bump to the Head

When you're all done being passed out, we have a crisis on our hands. Also it's pulling our hair and crawling up behind us. No rush though.


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